Girls Gone Vinyl is the world's first movie about female DJs. Learn more and get involved below.
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A film about the true story of female DJs from around the world in a male dominated industry. No one would think that the electronic music industry is in conflict, but the truth is that DJs are more segregated that politicians or business executives.

Girls Gone Vinyl is the world's first documentary about female DJs, their struggles and successes, what inspires them and what drives them in spite of overwhelming odds. Watch these women converge on Detroit for the largest electronic music festival in North America and hear their stories firsthand.


Girls Gone Vinyl documentary film project




Preproduction will begin immediately. Shooting will commence promptly at the start of the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit which takes place May 28 to 30, 2011. To learn more about the festival please visit their site

Out of 107 acts at the festival there are 6 female DJs preforming. We will be interviewing and filming their performances at the festival itself and numerous afterparties taking place during the weekend.

We will also be hosting our own all female DJ line up event during the festival on Sunday May 29th.


Girls Gone Vinyl documentary film project




We're producing, directing, shooting, and editing the film. By day, Jenny Lafemme is a video and film producer for Parliament Studios, who will handle film production and post-production. Funding for this project goes toward flight costs for DJs to interview, travel for shooting, camera equipment needed to produce beautiful footage, and marketing and PR costs. The movie will be shot digitally to reduce cost and speed up production. All people working on the film will be donating their time and talent to bring this story to life.










25 FEBRUARY 2012










Hello fans!

We would like to take a moment and update you on what we have been up to the past few months!
It has been very busy since we raised our Kickstarter money. We have traveled to Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Chicago to interview more than 40 women!! We also did official project events in each city with many of the women playing these great events.


We have upcoming events in Detroit and more filming/interviews to do in Detroit and Miami during WMC to complete the film.

It has been such an amazing experience and so inspirational. We have received fan mail from all over the world expressing support for the project and thanks for the voice we are giving many women.


Our experience with all the women we have interviewed in US and Europe has been mind-blowing!! For every women we knew that took part and gave us in depth interviews, they sent us more women that we did not know. The stories and dedication that we heard from all these women are so close to our own that it gave goose bumps. It was important that we not only interview DJ's but also producers, label owners, agency heads and women that work in the industry at places like Beatport and Native Instruments.

Our goal is to truly encapsulate and highlight all sides of the business and show so many of those young women just starting out all the ways you can make it in this business.

We are fortunate to have Rebekah Farrugia, a wonderful female writer and expert on the scene to now come on board and help us develop our script.

We have hundreds of hours of footage to edit and we are deep in the studio doing so. We will be buried in here until we come out for fresh ocean air in Miami during WMC 2012.


We will be quick to put up some new footage for all of you.We are working on getting some exclusive mixes for you and will have some great exclusive tracks for the film from some of these women!


So once again








Update #1:

Filming has started on May 28th in Detroit

Posted on June 3


We are happy to tell you that we started our filming process on May 28th at Movement Festival in Detroit. We got some amazing footage at the festival of ladies playing as well as some amazing footage at our event. In depth interview with Anja Sneider (Mobeele Records, Germany) , Deniz Kurtel (Crosstown Rebels), Camea (Clink), Dollz at Play, Kate Simco and many many more...

Here is a link to production stills

Big kiss and keep supporting us please so we can make this happen!?


Girls Gone Vinyl documentary film project



Update #2:

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Records) Interview Vignette

Posted on June 12


We had a pleasure of an hour long sitdown with Anja Schneider while she was in Detoit during Movement 2011 for her "Mobilee meets Detroit" event. She is an amazing DJ,

Producer, a records label owner and soon to be a mother. Here is a short version of the few parts.

Check out her record label and like her facebook page

Big Thank you to Nadia Podolsky from Volatl Production (Chicago) for making this possible

Thank you for your continious support on the project!




Update #3:

Deniz Kurtel named New Queen of House by DJ Mag

Posted on June 27


We were extermely delighted to have been able to catch Deniz Kurtel at Detroit Movement Festival 2011 right after her live set. We talked about her production, her art and her take on the world of a female DJ. Deniz was recently on the cover of DJ Mag and gave an indepth interview about her life. We posted a link to the article on our page ?




Update #4:

STREET INTERVIEWS: Who is your favorite female DJ? Do you know any?

Posted on July 8


We took to the streets to talk to some electronic music fans in Detroit at Movement 2011.
We asked the questions and you gave the answers check it out right.




Update #5:

Behind the Scenes with Derrick May

Posted on July 14

Here is a little glimpse from Behind the Scenes with Detroit Legend and an amazing DJ. We are very happy that so many people are taking their time to support our project.




Update #6:

EU 001 - Amsterdam Dance Event 21/10/2011 - Amsterdam, Netherlands


Chicago based promoter VOLATL Events, in collaboration with ACE, are ecstatic to present their upcoming European debut for Amsterdam Dance Event. The debut showcase, dubbed EU 001, features the crème-de la – crème of female dance music talent and is to be held aboard the legendary Supperclub Cruise in Amsterdam. The event will feature extended headlining sets by Camea, the head of Clink Recordings. Also featured is Hello?Repeat/Supplement Facts artist Kate Simko, who is to make her debut appearance in Holland. Margaret Dygas joins the pair, following the success of her recent Perlon EP. Rounding out the line-up is Chicago house legend DJ Lady D, from the famed Superjane Collective. Come prepared for special appearances by un-announced guest artists who will add to the powerhouse line-up. The bi-level Supperclub Cruise ship will host the event – a full multi - sensory experience, with top-notch sound, lighting, and visual arrays. This event is simply not to be missed and pre-sale tickets are available via